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Up to 6 devices

Discover something that will change the course of history, but how?

Room theme: Sci-Fi

The Tayson Research Vessel has ceased communication with Earth, it is a stranded ship on an outer orbit of Mars.

Your team must digitally board the TRSS Caelus and conclude what happened to the crew. But what you will soon discover may change the course of history, but in which way?

There is no escape, you must choose your path and the path of all humanity for better… or worse!


…the room was superb. The decor was brilliant, it really helped with the immersion. The puzzles were challenging, but logical and again perfect for the theme. Some great sci-fi touches!

Alice T

Is this game the same as the real, physical Escape Room?

It was our intention to replace the real-life game as much as possible. There are some tweaks we will have made to the game, but if you have played the real game, the content is largely the same. The reverse is also true, if you play this Digital Game much of the surprises of the real Escape Room will be in this game too.

How does this work?

Once you have paid for the game you will be sent a link to your email. You can send this link to up to 5 other players all on different devices so you can all play together. Once you have started the game you have 72 hours to complete it.

How many players?

For all of our Digital Games, we are recommending 2-6 players. We have tried to enable multi-player puzzles as much as possible, but it may be solvable on your own. With 6 mouse pointers on-screen, and we recommend you have a video call amongst yourselves, you may find it a bit hectic! We wouldn't recommend you go over 6 devices for the best enjoyment of the game.

Can I play on my mobile?

The short answer is yes. However, the game is really designed for a laptop or PC. It works via a web browser and works on PC, Mac, or Linux.

What if I get stuck?

You should be able to complete this unassisted. If you need some extra nudges or help, there is a built-in clue system.

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Pricing for First Contact

£15.00 for up to 6 devices

This game is under construction

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