What were the killer’s motives?

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2 to 6 players

Investigate a killing spree and watch the case unfold.

Room theme: Murder Mystery

You must investigate the murder of Hugh Dunnitt and find out why he was killed and who killed him.

Be careful though something else is going on.

Investigate what’s happening on West Street, and you may become embroiled in a struggle for more than just the truth!







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Is this game suitable for beginners?

Yes, this is more of a traditional escape room compared to our First Contact game. There are many unqiue twists and turns to keep you enthralled.

What is the time limit for this game?

You have an hour (sixty minutes) to complete this challenge.

Is this suitable for children?

We have not designed this to be scary, nor age-restrictive. Children accompanied wth adults are very welcome.

What is this I hear about the clue system?

We really wanted to not call it a clue system, as this advanced system serves as a way to tell the story in very unique ways. We are thinking of it as a narrator, in more than one flavour.

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