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Step into the shadows to steal Daylight…

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2 to 8 players

The final score just has to be flawless

Room theme: The Ultimate Bank Heist

The plan is simple: one hour, your elite team of criminals, and an impenetrable vault. Get in, steal what you can, and get out. Oh, and don’t forget the diamond else you’re dead, alright?

There will be lasers to dodge. There will be security systems to hack. And there will be vault doors to blow to itty pieces.

Almost everything you grab will be yours to keep and will help get you far away from the heat, but whatever you do, you must get the Daylight Diamond. Without the Diamond, the big boss won’t be happy and that means you won’t be living. There’s no point being dead millionaires.

This is the final score, a flawless heist, a curtain call. Are you ready to steal from right under their noses? This is unabashed Daylight Robbery.


…the game play and flow are outstanding. The sheer number and variation of puzzles is mindblowing and the sense of adventure is unreal.

Adam @ Breaking Out Of A Habit




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Is this an escape room?

Yes. You have to steal the 'Daylight' Diamond for the boss, but then everything else in the vault is for your team to steal.

What makes this game different to a normal escape room?

The primary mission is non-negotiable. Everything else in the vault is up for grabs. How much can you steal before you are locked in?

Is this suitable for beginners?

Of course! The different nature of this game should give all teams, new to experienced, 60 minutes of puzzle solving.

Is this suitable for children?

There is nothing in this game that is age sensitive. Children accompanied wth adults are welcome.

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