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4 to 8 players

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The final score just has to be flawless

Room theme: The Ultimate Bank Heist

Listen up Heisters. Here’s the rundown: You have one hour to crack Cypherdyne Industries' state-of-the-art vault, grab as much as you can, and make your exit. But remember, there’s one crucial detail: You can't leave without that diamond, otherwise the boss will have your head. Make sure to execute the plan with precision, determination, and cunning otherwise, you might not make it out scot-free.

The security is tight, this won't be easy. There will be lasers to dodge, security systems to override, and plenty of locks to decipher, decode, unlock, but most importantly loot. Cypherdyne Industries are no slouch when it comes to security or the loot they hold in their vaults, that is why we need you on this job.

Remember the boss only wants the diamond so everything else you steal is yours to keep. But all the millions you steal will be no good if you are locked up, or worse you go back to the boss empty-handed, so grab all the loot you can carry but make sure to leave room for that diamond or no matter how much you steal you'll never be able to spend a penny of it, the boss will make sure of that.

Pull this heist off and you'll never have to work a day again, You can live on a luxury island without a care in the world but no doubt this heist is the heist to end all heists, the curtain call. Are you ready to steal from right under Cypherdyne Industries' noses? If so get ready for a little bit of Daylight Robbery.


…the game play and flow are outstanding. The sheer number and variation of puzzles is mindblowing and the sense of adventure is unreal.

Adam @ Breaking Out Of A Habit


The Ultimate Bank Heist


Steal the Diamond

Escape Rate


Average Escape

58 minutes 35 seconds

Average Stolen


Is this an escape room?

Yes, and no. In some respects it is the opposite of an Escape Room as you have to break in steal the `Daylight Diamond for The Boss. Everything inside the vault is for your team to steal. You will not be able to steal everything, but how rich with you and your teammates become?

What makes this game different to a normal escape room?

The primary mission is non-negotiable, steal the Daylight Diamond for The Boss. Everything else in the vault is up for grabs. How much can you steal before you are locked in or caught by the police?

Is this suitable for beginners?

Of course! The different nature of this game should give all teams, new to experienced, sixty minutes of puzzle solving.

Is this suitable for children?

There is nothing in this game that is age sensitive. Children accompanied with adults are welcome.

We see some laser imagery on your website, is this safe?

Our lasers trigger your natural blink reflex for safety, so no need to fear the light show unless you try to stare into them. But keep those fingers off the beams; deliberate laser tampering gets you ejected faster than a photon. Play it safe, solve smart, and have a blast!

What is the difficulty of this room?

Daylight Robbery has a minimum group size of 4 and a maximum of 8, it has been designed so the key challenge of stealing the Daylight Diamond can be done by all groups. The real success marker in this escape game is to see how much loot you can steal. We have placed far, far, far too much to be able to steal everything. This is to give all groups, of all ability, of all team size - the full hour of puzzle solving.

We are a smaller group than the minimum, can we book?

This game has been running well for over a year. We designed it so that smaller groups can still play and get the full hour of the game. But we have responded to feedback from smaller groups of "I wish we brought more". If you are an experienced team and want to play below the minimum, please get in touch.

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