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2 to 7 players

ac_unit Air-Conditioned

Time to become living legends!

Room theme: Ancient Egypt Tomb Raiding

Prepare to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the deserts of Egypt and a long-lost tomb! After meticulous planning and backbreaking excavations, the long-hidden tomb of the notorious Rameses has finally been uncovered. But hold your breath, for this is no ordinary tomb. It is an unparalleled enigma, brimming with mysterious contraptions and traps that will ignite your imagination and sense of adventure.

Unlocking the secrets held deep within, you have the chance to unearth up to three ancient artifacts that are rumored to have been buried alongside Rameses. By seizing these exquisite treasures, you will not only secure your escape but also etch your name into the annals of history. However, remember that you are not alone in this dangerous endeavor. Fellow relic hunters, driven by the same insatiable thirst for discovery and adventure, trail close behind.

Your foreheads are drenched and the air is awash with uncertainty. There is not much time. Will you be able to secure the artifacts before your rivals catch up with you or will you be swallowed up by the sands along with them?

The sand of time and running out are you ready to face the terrors of Rameses' tomb or will you be just another adventurer that aspired to be more just to be left alone and forgotten in the desert...well are you?


Great staff that were superbly professional and added to the theme of our room. Some great props and a fantastic way to have fun with your family and get that grey matter going!!! A MUST!!



Ancient Egypt Tomb Raiding


Seize up to Three relics

Seize Bust


Seize Statue


Seize Ankh


I’ve played The Crypt at your Long Row Escape Room branch before, should I play this?

Rameseize is a totally different Ancient Egyptian escape game, this escape room is suitable for everybody - especially people who have previously played The Crypt.

Is this room as warm as the Egyptian Desert?

No, this game is fully air-conditioned!

Is this suitable for children?

It is dark but not designed to be scary. There is no age-sensitive material in our rooms, however all under 16 year old players must be accompanied by a responsible adult player. This is non-negotiable as our liability insurance does not cover this risk. Non-compliance with this will not result in a refund.

Is this dark? Is it scary?

Step into the sands of time! Our Egyptian tomb escape room takes you deep into the mysteries of the pharaohs, sans sunshine. But don't worry, darkness won't be your nemesis. We equip explorers with a trusty light source, so you can focus on unlocking ancient secrets, not fumbling for your flashlight.

Is this a highly physical room?

We do not want to give away a lot of the mystery of the room, but we can confirm there is nothing to make you hot and sweaty, perhaps some of the team need to be nimble. if you want further insight, we suggest you Contact Us.

What is the difficulty of this room?

Rameseize differs from a standard escape room in that there are three ancient relics to seize. It does not mean that you will get all 3 relics, getting all of them is a great challenge! Therefore you need to escape with as many relics as you can get, in the sixty minutes. This makes Rameseize ideal for the beginner, small groups, and a great challenge for the seasoned escaper.

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