Become a part of history…

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2 to 6 players

You are about to become living legends!

Room theme: Ancient Egypt

After years of planning and excavations the tomb of the nefarious Rameses has finally been unearthed. But this is no tomb full of traps; it is a peerless conundrum full of strange machinations.

If you could manage to extract the three ancient relics rumoured to rest here, you would become part of history, but you are not the only ones on the trail…

Your foreheads are drenched and the air is taut with fear. There is not much time for you to act before the unscruplious treasure hunters cross the desert and bury you alive just to claim the glory for themselves.

Will you lay your hands upon the relics of the past? And will you even be able to escape before the glocks are pointed to your heads? Your hourglass is running low…

COVID Update: This room used to have a greater maximum of players, but due to current government restrictions we have set the maximum to 6.


Great staff that were superbly professional and added to the theme of our room. Some great props and a fantastic way to have fun with your family and get that grey matter going!!! A MUST!!



Ancient Egypt


Seize up to 3 relics

Seize Bust


Seize Statue


Seize Ankh


I’ve played The Crypt at your Long Row Cryptology before, should I play this?

Rameseize is a totally different Ancient Egyptian escape game, this escape room is suitable for everybody - especially people who have previously played The Crypt.

Can I book for more than five players?

This game has been tested for larger groups and has been scaled accordingly, you can make a booking for up to seven people.

Is this suitable for children?

We have not designed this to be scary, nor age-restrictive. Children accompanied with adults are very welcome.

We see some laser imagery on your website, is this safe?

They are above head height. The power of the lasers mean that your blink reflex kicks in to prevent any damage. However, deliberate abuse of the lasers and safety will result in instant dismissal from the game.

Is this dark? Is it scary?

We wanted to make this like an authentic Egyptian tomb, therefore, there is no natural light in here. We did not want darkness to be a puzzle, therefore we give each player a light source. This is categorically NOT scary!

The physical rating on this is quite high, what does this mean?

We do not want to give away a lot of the mystery of the room, but we can confirm there is nothing to make you hot and sweaty, perhaps some of the team need to be nimble. if you want further insight, we suggest you Contact Us.

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