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2 to 6 players

It's an offer you can’t refuse

Room theme: The Most Disarming Interview

You and your team have been selected to take part in a legendary Cypherdyne interview. A challenging and disarming hour-long interview that is rumoured to not just separate the wheat from the chaff, but discard the chaff entirely.

Unsure what to expect, the promise of a great job in this dire economy is enough for you to face whatever escape challenge the CEO has set for you. Your career may be unlocked and explode with endless opportunities!

There is no escape from this office interview, the bright lights are clinical, the challenges are daunting…

Can you become part of Cypherdyne’s elite security team? Or will you bomb out and be swept aside just before the next candidates arrive?


…with a little bit of drama & tension thrown in to make it a fun & exciting experience - a 9/10 score for the room from us.

Sarah E


The Most Disarming Interview


Get a new job and don't blow it

Escape Rate


Average Escape

53 minutes 18 seconds

I’ve played Cypherdyne at your Long Row Escape Room, should I play this?

Cypherdyne v1.5 is a remake of the original Cypherdyne Escape Room, due to this, some puzzle elements are the same. If you have played Cypherdyne recently or remember large amounts of the game we suggest you don’t book this game. However, we have had people come to play it again, and it has certainly been a challenge for them!

I’ve not played an escape room before and I’m concerned about being locked up, would I enjoy this?

Cypherdyne v1.5 is unique because the goal is not to escape the room, in fact, the door is left unlocked. It is also bright and spacious with windows showing the outside world. If you are new to escape rooms then this is a great starting point as you are not locked away at any point.

Is this anything to do with Terminator?

No, the name Cypherdyne was indeed inspired by the film, but there’s no robots or future things in this game!

What is the difficulty of this escape room?

Cryptology likes to try different ideas of "just escaping the room". Cypherdyne v1.5 is not about escaping the room, but a different challenge. This challenge does make the game binary (as in pass or fail) and is tricky, especially for a group of 2 (about half of groups of two fail). There is a custom, themed clue system so that you will not be left stumped, but it is not there to solve it for you.

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