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Underground and undercover:

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3 to 6 players

He’s the best we’ve got… sorry.

Room theme: Secret Agent Thriller

It’s come to our attention that Dr Alan Geex has hidden his lair in some of Nottingham’s oldest caves. As a CLASS 1 World Threat we must act fast to infiltrate the old rogue’s hideout and sabotage his dastardly plan, and hopefully get back in time for tea.

If you agents are up for the task then please accept the mission to receive a dossier and rendezvous with our most… errr… spectacular agent… Alex Danger.

Hopefully, with your help, we can go undercover and underground.

Will you foil Dr Geex’s sinister plot and save our Queen and country? Or will you meet The League of Choas personally and end up six feet under?


This game is different to a standard escape room!

What does being an agent entail?

What does being an agent entail? Do I have to wear a hat?

No, you don’t need to wear a hat but feel free to dress as an agent if you wish. In fact, we’d love to showcase your images on our website and social media!

This game just asks a little bit more of you as a participant in that it asks you to be an ‘agent’. All that means is that you come ready to believe that the situation you are in is ‘real’ within the boundaries of the game. We aren’t going to ask you to playact or anything but if you believe in ‘Alex’ and treat the actor’s character like a real life person, then you will get more out of the game and the more likely you are to succeed.

Your field agent is there to provide a unique experience and guide you through the game without playing it for you.

I’m not sure about interacting with an actor. Why have you chosen to do it this way?

Your field agent is there to provide a unique experience and guide you through the game without playing it for you. They won’t single out members of your team but there will be scripted moments where they will address you as a group. Think of your agent like Richard O’Brien, just as kooky but with a little bit more hair.

Please review the FAQ below for more information.




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Health & Safety

This experience takes place in a variety of locations, some of which include steps and low light in Nottingham’s oldest cave systems. Because of this, visitors with mobility access needs, sadly, cannot be catered for. Also part of the experience takes place in a pub, but families and children are welcome as long as one of your team is the responsible adult. Please bear in mind that, in this instance, this counts as a person over 18. At least one part of the experience takes place outside, so preparing for weather is also a must.

Why can I not make a booking for two people?

Alex Danger will be escorting you throughout this game. The phrase `two's company, three's a crowd` really applies here. We have found that maximum enjoyment comes from groups of 3 or more.

Is this suitable for children?

We have not designed this to be scary, nor age-restrictive. Children accompanied with adults are welcome.

What restrictions are there?

Because this game is in an underground cave, all players must be fully mobile and be able to handle many steps. The cave is dingy, but we provide suitable lighting. Care must be taken!

Is this an escape room?

No, the aim of this game is not to escape. It features many elements that escape rooms have. This is also different in that you must interact with the actor to complete this game.

Still have questions?

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