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The Games

Interactive Puzzle-Solving Escape the Room Games

Great for things to do in the heart of Nottingham city centre

About Us

Cryptology Nottingham Offers The Ultimate Escape Games In The East Midlands

Bring your friends, family, and colleagues for an endlessly surprising and fun day at Cryptology Nottingham. Each of our bespoke games have been crafted carefully with immersion, fun, and challenge in mind. You’ll be whisked away to anything from tombs, to dreams, and other ‘disarming’ situations. You’re entering an Escape Experience.

A day out in Nottingham becomes perfect when you add Cryptology to the mix. With more eateries in a packed space than anywhere else in Europe, Nottingham is already a great place to hang out with friends, travel with family, or team-build with company. Make it even better by coming to Cryptology.

Complete our Nottingham themed tours and test your brainpower with our great value tours all themed around the legend that is Robin Hood. Then escape it all by playing one of our premier exit games at our flagship location.

Still want more? Join Alex Danger in the pub for a fun and exciting secret agent chase and explore another aspect of Nottingham’s history — its incredible cave system.

Cryptology Nottingham is a local hero and proud of the culture and history of the city. Teamwork is required to complete the goals Cryptology Nottingham sets for you. Can you and your team work together to solve all the answers before the time runs out? Can you find the hidden clues, break out, disarm the device, foil the doctor’s nefarious plan? Thousands have attempted, many have succeeded, but some have perished. What will your team do?

More Information
Cryptology encourages your to use brains, nor brawn

Cryptology Nottingham currently has two escape rooms open, and two other experiences

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Ideal for team building or corporate group events
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Where will you rank on the leaderboard of who is fastest to escape the room?

The Games

The Rooms


You and your team have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room. Cryptology Nottingham has two differently themed rooms.


You need to solve clues and figure out puzzles to locate keys, piece together information to get codes and find hidden items to complete the task.

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You must work as a team to succeed.
Suitable for teams of 2-6 people and an ideal activity for most age ranges.


Team building, a different experience with friends and family, private parties, hen and stag dos, or an ideal birthday celebration: Cryptology will be an unforgettable occasion.

Robin Hood Group Detectives


Discover a different side of Nottingham with a Detective City Tour.


An interactive, clue-based mystery based in and around Nottingham city centre.


Decipher riddles, solve puzzles, track locations, map out the city: see Nottingham in a new light.


The tour will take between 2-3 hours to complete. Fancy yourself as Sherlock Holmes?

Cryptology is in the heart of
Nottingam's city centre

Just off Old Market Square


Cryptology, Second Floor, 15 Long Row, Nottingham, NG1 2DH.

Hover / touch the image to see the entrance and location

Cypherdyne Panorama


The Crypt Panorama

The Crypt

Suitable for 2-5/6 people per room

Suitable for the whole family

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday-Saturday

Contact us if you really need a Tuesday slot!

9:45am - 8pm
11:15am - 8pm

The last booking is always 6:45pm