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2 to 6 players

You are trapped, there is no escape and you are not alone.

Room theme: Paranormal Investigation

The year is 1903, a series of unexplained and gruesome events have summoned your team of paranormal investigators to Victoria Road in Swindon. The local priest, Father Isaac Chambers, has disappeared while working at the residence of Mr & Mrs Gallagher. The homeowners recently fled the property following the horrifying death of their daughter.

Doctors claim young Abigail was schizophrenic and a danger to herself, but Father Chambers believed the child was possessed and that recent ghastly events may be the result of a far greater evil. In the last few days neighbours witnessed horrifying screams and unsettling lights emanating from the girl’s bedroom late at night, but following the disappearance of Father Chambers it has now fallen silent. Constables have searched the premises, but Abigail’s bedroom remains shut and locked from the inside.

You arrive at the Gallagher household to determine the cause of the recent events and uncover the truth of Father Chambers’ disappearance. Your search of the house is interrupted by curious whispers and unsettling sounds drawing you to the old study at the top of the building. No sooner have you crossed the threshold than the door slams shut behind you.



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How scary is it?

The Tortured Soul uses darkness, spooky sound effects and an occasional jump scare to set a creepy atmosphere. However, think more Scooby Doo than Insidious. There are no live actors and nothing is threatening or trying to get the players. The only thing moving around will be you and your team mates.

Can children play The Tortured Soul?

We have had children as young as 7 years old play The Tortured Soul and love it. We understand a horror theme isn't everyone's 1st choice, but if they understand the theme and want to play we're happy to lock them up. Please ensure that everyone coming to play knows it is a horror setting.

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