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#Cryptology #EscapeRooms #Nottingham will be opening their doors on Friday 29th of May. Bookings are available now.

#Cryptology #EscapeRooms #Nottingham will be opening their doors on Friday 29th of May. Bookings are available now.

Encountered this tool recently. It was free with another item. One of the great simple ideas, but what is it? #cryptologysheffield #simplepleasures #sheffield #diy #whatisit

Encountered this tool recently. It was free with another item. One of the great simple ideas, but what is it? #cryptologysheffield #simplepleasures #sheffield #diy #whatisit

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What Is Cryptology?


Pick Your Team

Cryptology is not about academic intelligence, it’s about being able to solve problems, riddles, and puzzles using teamwork and ingenuity.


Pick Your Room

Our escape rooms are designed to be immersive and to use your skills in a variety of ways. Your theme will give you an idea, but more certainly meets the eye!


Complete Your Goal

Although Cryptology follows the themes of escape games, there may be a different goal in your room. Escape? Succeed? Plan?


Complete In Time

Your nemesis will be a ticking clock, complete your riddles, puzzles and challenges within the time limit to claim victory!

Test Your Wits And Teamwork In Nottingham and Sheffield’s Ultimate Escape Games

Gather your team, pick your theme, and prepare for an unforgettable experience. The door closes and you hear the lock turn. As you recount your surroundings you’ve realised that you’ve not just entered an escape room, you’ve stepped into another world. The clock is ticking and who knows what fate awaits you if you fail…
…time is running out, use your hour wisely.

Cryptology goes beyond an escape room, this is an adventure. Search for secrets, discover clues and hints, then solve puzzles to reach your unique goal. Every game at Cryptology is different with tailor-made themes and bespoke challenges.
With impeccable set design, fantastic game flow, and handcrafted puzzles our games are admired by enthusiasts, gamers, families, and parties alike. Our games are immersive and rewarding and we pride ourselves on great customer service and banter too.

Use Brains, Not Brawn

Bring out your strengths and work together to overcome your weaknesses. Solve real-life problems with your team. Gather codes, solve riddles, reveal hidden locations, find crucial artifacts. Cryptology makes you and your fellow escape artists solve the challenge using mental, physical, psychological and behavioural tests. Your nemesis is the ticking clock. Do you have an eye for detail? Can you interpret hidden messages? Can you think outside the box? Solve the mystery, become the solution.

When the game gets tough, teamwork is required to reach the goal. Can you and your team work together to solve all of the answers before the clock runs out? Can you find the hidden clues, break out, disarm the device, foil the doctor’s nefarious plan? Thousands have attempted, many have succeeded, but hundreds have perished. What will happen to you?

Cryptology encourages you to use brains, not brawn

Gift Vouchers Available

Stuck for something to buy somebody? This experience will be unforgettable.

Who’s It For?



If you enjoy a challenge, a bit of a puzzle, or games then you’re sure to enjoy our escape experiences. Hang out with friends and family in our fun, immersive world and try your hands at something truly different. Cryptology is good fun for almost everyone.


Team Building

Perfect for your team away day, Cryptology will have you and your corporate collegaues working together to solve a plethora of challenges. Discover hidden talents, natural leaders and who can think outside the box.


Alternative Night Out

Cryptology has staged job interviews, corporate team days and even a marriage proposal. There’s more to do than just drink, eat and the cinema!


Stag & Hen Do

Get your do started by engaging your brains and solving tasks together for the ultimate experience! Talk about your experience over drinks after your escape!



Escape Room Addicts travel the length and breadth of the country to test their skills. Cryptology asked "what can we do different?", you will be sure to see things you have never seen in an escape room before!