Investigate why the ship has ceased communication…

person person person person person person person

2 to 7 players

Discover something that will change the course of history, but how?

Room theme: Sci-Fi

You have been tasked to find out what has happened to a stranded Tayson Research Vessel ship just off Mars.

You soon realise that what you have discovered will change the course of history, but in which way?

You must choose your path and the path of all humanity for better… or worse!


…the room was superb. The decor was brilliant, it really helped with the immersion. A lot of work has gone into this room! The puzzles were challenging, but logical and again perfect for the theme. The story itself is very well put together. Some great sci-fi touches!

Alice T




Investigate missing crew

Escape Rate


Ave Escape


The difficulty of this game says 5 Stars, how hard is this?

There is no universal difficulty rating, but out of all of Cryptology Nottingham, Barnsley and Sheffield games, this is one of the most taxing. There is no complicated maths or anything you need a degree for, but there is a LOT to do, and because this is a futuristic spaceship, there’s many new things to see and do.

Is this game suitable for beginners?

Totally. Sometimes if you have completed quite a few escape rooms, you are used to a certain routine, or a way of thinking. We have tried to approach this escape room from a different style, therefore it is ideal for newcomers and experienced players!

What is the time limit for this game?

You have an hour (sixty minutes) to complete this challenge.

Is this suitable for children?

We have not designed this to be scary, nor age-restrictive. Children accompanied wth adults are very welcome.

I’ve not watched a lot of sci fi, will this make it difficult for me?

No prior knowledge is required, we have included some shout-outs to many of the big sci-fi shows/films, but if the references are lost on you it does not inerfere with the gameflow.

What is this I hear about the clue system?

DEAN is a Digitally Enhanced Algorithm Nano-computer. He is there to help with the story and explain the inner workings of the space ship. He will become your friend, or the thorn in your side.

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