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Cryptology’s GDPR Statement

What Does Cryptology Do With Personal Data?

Your Email Address

As soon as you make a booking, a confirmation email is sent to your email address.

Your email address is required for our performance portal (this is work in progress).

We will only contact you by email if you ask us for some information by emailing us, or if you are unavailable via mobile when there is something related to your booking.

Your Mobile Number

We request your mobile number as if there is an issue (a delay, or something to make you aware of), calling or texting you is the easiest way to reach you.

We never have and never will send this number to anybody else.

Cryptology’s Marketing

Over the years we have sent out some marketing emails (however, less than 10 in 3 years) and have found that very few of you read them. Of the ones that do, we get very little return.

We have therefore decided not to use email to market any changes to Cryptology to you. There will be nothing from us about updates, these will be posted on social media and advertised on our website.

We will not use your mobile number to message you with anything, other than something critical to do with your future booking.

How To Remove Your Data

If you are not happy with us having your details in our database, simply contact us and ask for them to be removed.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Pretty much every website you visit has Google Analytics. This tells webmasters which pages get visited, how you use our website, when you leave our website, and how you have arrived at it. This relies upon cookies, which are stored on your device. We do not know who you are, but the information about all of our customers' actions on our website helps us improve and give more relevant information to you.

A Facebook Pixel works in a similar way to Google Analytics. We again do not know who you are, only Facebook do. When we choose to pay for some advertising on Facebook, we can market to you if you have visited our site before, or are part of a demographic that tends to visit sites like ours.