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Team-building and Corporate Events

Are you looking for a corporate team-building activity that is unique and fun?

Cryptology can cater for large team sizes
Can you escape?

Based in Nottingham, Barnsley and Sheffield centres, Cryptology will engage your team by immersing them into an escape game. You’ll need no special knowledge or physical prowess to play but you will have 60 minutes to complete your challenge. The door shuts, then the clock starts ticking.


Our games are thoughtfully executed to encourage collaboration, camaraderie, and leadership in a dynamic and exciting way. Prepare to test your teamwork as you explore an ancient Egyptian tomb or attempt to disarm a bomb before a timely demise. New experiences are constantly being created.


Feeling competitive? It doesn’t matter if team-sizes or games are different as we have detailed statistics that allow us to rank and compare your results if you dare. Who will get to walk away as champions? Make sure to bring your A-game!


By the end, hidden potentials will have been tested, everyone will be talking, and the teams will come out with more energy than they started with. A Cryptology awayday will truly be memorable.

Whatever your needs, we'll arrange and scale the awayday to fit with a bespoke package that caters to you.

Why do a team building day?

39% of surveyed employees believe that people in their own organisation don't collaborate enough… a team building event at Cryptology could help to change this!

Did You Know…

92% of surveyed managers observed that competitive team building provided a reduction in absenteeism and improved morale. Cryptology provides this through detailed stats and will aim to assist in improving employee engagement through our games